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What started off as a cluster of three small villages kept under the rule of Nawab of Bengal - today stands to be the third most productive metropolitan giant in India. Such is the glorious history of Kolkata. It stands tall as the Cultural Capital of India today. But it made a humble start in the late seventeenth century under the Mughal rule, unknown to many. The graceful growth and development of Kolkata to what it has become today, is a long story buried deep within the pages of colonial history.
It is bustling city that emanates sweetness in the atmosphere, inhabited by the sweetest people, running the biggest economy, and is perhaps one of the most celebrated locations of India. Witness the evolution of this phenomenal city, with Heritage Kolkata.


At Heritage Kolkata, it is our prime aim to bring you every piece of information related to this city, old or new, under one functional roof. With millions of visitors pouring in and wanting to know more about this teeming city, Heritage Kolkata becomes the easiest way to access the information you want within seconds.

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  • Read about the extensive history of Kolkata predating the colonial rule.
  • Learn about the growth & development of Kolkata a fortified colonial port.
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Heritage Kolkata is a one stop multi-functional directory which caters to the diverse set of needs of the netizens of today. And it grows exponentially every day, offering you more with each passing day.