Fort William Kolkata

Fort William Kolkata

Do you love the Indian heritage culture? You want to visit every historical place in India! Have you started your journey from Kolkata? Now you are confused about where to start your journey! Don't worry! After visiting Kolkata take any convenience and reach the famous Fort William, Kolkata. You will be spellbound after visiting this beauty of this heritage. Many people visit this place everyday! Most of the people miss exploring the whole area. They even don't know the details of this place. Sometimes many tourists who visit Kolkata, forget to visit this lovely place due to lack of information. We are describing every detail of this place. Read the article carefully, you will get to know everything. We have tried to portray a virtual picture of the trip to Fort William, Kolkata through this article. Let's check it out!

History of Fort William, Kolkata

Fort William is a Fort built by the British during the time they ruled India. It was set up by East India Company to keep its force. It is located in the Hastings area of Kolkata. It was built on the banks of River Hooghly which is a distributary of the Ganges river. The structure of Fort William is one important part of British history in India.

The Fort William, Kolkata history dates back to the late 15th century when the East India Company landed their ships on the harbours of Bengal, one of the early reminiscent calls for the inception of British rule in India. Sir John Goldsborough ordered the construction of the original version of Fort William. Legends record it took almost ten years to get over. The then Mughal Emperor of India, Aurangzeb permitted the construction of the garrison at the banks of river Hooghly. The construction was started by John Eyres and he named the structure after King Williams III of England. After a lot of planning and hard work, the construction of the fort was completed in 1706.

In 1756, Siraj-ud-Daula, the ruling Nawab of Bengal attacked the building and conquered it. He changed the name of the city to Alinagar. As a result, the British went ahead with the construction of a new fort at the vast open green stretch called Maidan, also referred to as Kolkata's lungs.

Right after the infamous Battle of Plassey in 1758, Robert Clive also called the architect of Calcutta, rebuilt the fort.

After independence, the control of Fort William was passed on to the Indian Army which holds its Eastern Battalion in the structure. The fort has a museum and displays artefacts and materials of the war between India and Pakistan that took place in the year 1971. There are records of the Bangladesh Liberation War in Fort William for a display to the public.

The architecture of Fort William, Kolkata

Fort William, Kolkata today is an important monument owing to the British rule in India. It covers an area of total 80 acres and is one of the largest of its kind. Its architecture is quite unique in a way. The Fort’s structure is made of mortar and bricks. It’s shaped in an asymmetrical octagonal pattern. Five of its faces are towards the land while the other three are facing the Hooghly River. Each side has a gate and canon holder. Each side having the cannons helped while being attacked by the enemies. The main garrison is a six-faced structure loosely based on the design of a star. The structure has six gates based on the Octagonal structure. They are Treasury Gate, WaterGate, Plassey, Calcutta, Chowringhee, and St. Georges. Beautiful work of stones adorn the Fort’s surface and is a major tourist attraction for the city of Kolkata. The structure bears its similarities with other structures built around the country by the British, like the Fort of Thalassery in Kerala and The Presidency in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, then known as United Provinces. People become astonished to see this heritage place and how the West Bengal Government has maintained it for such a long period.

Fort William, Kolkata Visiting Time

The opening time has remained fixed since the time it has been made accessible to visitors. The compound is open to visitors on all days from 10:30 AM in the morning to 5:30 PM in the evening. No visitors are allowed after that stipulated time and anybody loitering around can face severe penalties. Also to visit the structure, a visit should be made to the Commanding Officer who will be providing a special permit to make a visit to the Fort.

Fort William, Kolkata Entry Fees

There are no stipulated entry fees visiting the Fort William compound. All you need to do is get a permit from the Commanding Officer. Visiting the compound without the permit would be considered as trespassing and might attract some severe penalties.

How to Reach Fort William, Kolkata

Owing to the wide range of public transport options available in the city of Kolkata, one can reach Fort William in no time. From any part of Kolkata, you can visit this historical place.

  • Buses- The nearest bus stop serving Fort William is Kidderpore Road. The buses which serve the specified location are 33, 34, 17A, 126, 228, 93, etc. to name the few.
  • Metro– The nearest metro station serving the area is Maidan metro station. It lies on the Noapara- Kavi Subhash line of Kolkata Metro, also known as Line 1. There’s a dedicated exit way from Maidan station to go to Fort William.

  • Taxis and App-based Cab services– The easiest way to reach Fort William is to book a cab from Ola or Uber or hire a yellow taxi running throughout the city.

Nearest Places of Attractions

Fort William falls on the core part of the tourist map of Kolkata and is adjacent to various popular places of attraction. You will get enough time to explore Kolkata after visiting Fort William, Kolkata. Here is the list of some other famous places near Fort William, Kolkata.

  • Maidan- Maidan is a large open stretch right in front of Fort William is Maidan. It’s a large, open and green space of land where you can take a stroll at the relaxing hours. It is also known as the lungs of Kolkata and is one of the oldest and largest parks in the city of Kolkata. It is said that Kolkata’s air owes its oxygen to the green cover of this place. Apart from this, young children play a lot of games and sports in Maidan.

  • Victoria Memorial- Perhaps the most famous landmark in the city of Kolkata is Victoria Memorial. It was built on the memory of Queen Victoria. It’s beautiful marble coated exterior attracts a lot of tourists. It has a museum showcasing artefacts from the Mughal rule and British rule in India. Alongside the museum and the monument, there is a beautiful garden surrounding it which is an ideal spot for a picnic with friends and family.

  • Princep Ghat- Near Fort William, there is another prominent place famous for its touristy importance is Princep Ghat. It is built alongside the beautiful Hooghly Riverfront and is an ideal place for a relaxing evening stroll and to spot the beautiful sunset on the Riverside. This place also has provisions for a boat ride which you can enjoy for a small fee after negotiating with the boatman.

Nearest Hotels of Fort William, Kolkata

Ok! You have explored the "City of Joy" and now it is time to take rest and plan for the next day's schedule. Here is the list of some beautiful hotels with exciting hospitality. You can book these hotels online. Before booking your favourite hotel get an idea about them.

  • The Peerless Inn- You can enjoy royal hospitality with the services and food quality of The Peerless Inn. This hotel is just 1.5 km away from Fort William, Kolkata. After staying here you can make the next day's plan!

  • The Oberoi Grand- If you have visited Kolkata for the first time, don't miss the chance to stay in this most exciting hotel. The staff are so much cultural and you can feel the real Bengali culture in the continental style. You have to just take a bus from Fort William, Kolkata to reach the hotel. It will take just 10 minutes.

  • Taj Bengal, Kolkata- Just 2.2 km away from Fort William, Kolkata, this hotel has been arranged with a variety of famous Bengali dishes. Maybe it is a little costly, but if you want to lead a day in royal style then go to their online link and just book it. It will be the most memorable day for you.

  • The Park, Kolkata- After visiting Fort William, Kolkata go for a trip to Park Street. You will find a different Kolkata here. The Park hotel is situated in the middle of Park Street. You can stay here and enjoy a classy stay.

Let's Sum up

So, you have already got the details of Fort William, Kolkata. It is guaranteed that you have also made a plan. So, don't waste any time! Pack your bag and go for a historical trip to Kolkata and complete your Gallery with the best places in India!