High Court Kolkata

High Court Kolkata

Haven't you visited the High Court yet? If you are in Kolkata don't miss out the place at all. It is one of the oldest heritage buildings here. As you can enjoy the great architecture and also you can avail the shopping malls, markets, Food Plaza, cafes nearby. For one day you can easily come here and spend your time with your family or friends. So let's get an idea on the things you can do here in High Court and its nearby places. On this lovely winter or autumn morning, with a cup of hot Kolkata special tea, this place is ideal for roaming.

Just read the article to the end to have the Kolkata high court information in detail.

High Court Kolkata Architecture

The exterior of the court was built under the influence of Neo-Gothic Architectural style, in 1872, almost after 10 years the original court was established. The peculiar characteristic of this building is that it’s a perfect fuse between Neo-Gothic Architectural style that developed in England in the late 16th century and Indian style of Architecture and that reflects in every corner of the building.

The building was commissioned to be designed by Walter Granville who was a government architect, and the structure was based on 13th Century Belgian building, The Cloth Hall of Ypres.

Kolkata High Court History

Know the interesting history of Kolkata high court!

The Kolkata High Court, also popularly known as the Calcutta High Court, till date remains one amongst the three High Courts established in the most important Towns of British India under the grants by Queen Victoria. It dates back to 26th June 1862, making it the oldest of all the High Courts of India. Under the provisions of the High Courts Act, 1851 was established as the High Court of the Judiciary of Fort Williams on 1st of July, 1862, which was later upgraded as the Supreme Court of Judiciary of Fort Williams. It functioned as the Supreme Court of India when Kolkata, then Calcutta, served as the capital of British India. Later when the capital was shifted to New Delhi in 1911, it ceased to function as Supreme Court of India and was stipulated the role of functioning High Court for the provinces of Bengal, Assam, and later Andaman and Nicobar Islands too.

Till now this building along with handling the legal cases of the said circle remains one of the popular attractions of the city of Kolkata.

Visiting Hours of Kolkata High Court

Although the court complex is solely for legal-related works, casual tourist activities like photography and shooting sessions are allowed in its premises in its operating hours. The court operates from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Monday to Friday. The court remains closed for any kind of activities on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

How to Reach Kolkata High Court

Being located in the core part of the city, Kolkata High Court is easily accessible from any corner of the city by a variety of public transport options available. Listing more detailed information below:

Taxis and App-based Cabs:

This is the easiest way to reach the building from any corner of the city if there is no budget constraint limiting you. You can have the Kolkata special yellow taxi or also you can book an ola or uber as the cab.


The public buses running on routes 39, 41-A and 41-B provide direct access to Kolkata High Court. Apart from that Mini-Buses of routes 174 and 176 also serve this location. All these buses are easily available from any area you want to come from.


The nearest metro station from Kolkata High Court is Esplanade. The trains run regularly in Noapara to Kavi Subhash route. So whatever your location is just reach the nearest metro station and arrive here.

Circular Railway:

The BBD Bagh station of Kolkata Circular Railway also provides access to Kolkata High Court.

Nearest Attractions of Kolkata High Court

Nearest Tourist Spots –

  • • Writer’s Building

This is an architectural wonder in the city of Kolkata built by the British rulers. This building used to function as the administrative head for the British as well the Government of West Bengal after independence, until recently when it was shifted to Nabanna.

  • • Lal-Dighi

Popularly known as Dalhousie Tank, it is a lake built in the CBD area of Dalhousie. Sitting on its banks gives you a relaxing atmosphere, especially in the late afternoons.

  • • Millennium Park

A popular attraction on the Hooghly riverfront is Millennium Park, which gives a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, especially while spotting the sunset in the evenings.

  • • Esplanade

This is the central part of the city and has endless options for food, shopping, and leisure.

  • • Park Street

Also known as the “party street”, This place provides endless options for a variety of restaurants and clubs. Nightclubs like Tantras and Someplace Else are the most famous ones in this area.

  • • Maidan

This is a wide stretch of green nearby High Court, also known as the Lungs of the city, which is popular amongst people for a picnic and little getaways. Popular sports like Football and Cricket are also played here.

Nearest Luxury Hotels -

  • • The Lalit Great Eastern

This is the nearest luxurious hotel near High Court and provides an ultimate experience with its top-notch service and it’s world-class restaurants and spas.

  • • The Oberoi Grand

Located in Esplanade, and sometimes arguably referred to as the first Oberoi hotel of the country, provides a high-end experience to their visitors and guests.

Nearest Shopping Centres –

  • • New Market

There is a saying that if you can’t find anything at this place, you probably can’t find it anywhere on Earth. New Market provides an ultimate shopping experience with a wide variety of options based on your budget. In Kolkata, it is the largest market. From dresses to accessories and Jewellery we will get at a very cheap rate. So definitely you must visit here whenever you are in Kolkata. It is just near to the high court.

  • • Big Bazaar

This supermarket is a one go destination for your daily needs and essential commodities and also provides options for gifts and goodies. Not just in Kolkata in all over India Big Bazaar is famous for its based services. So you can easily avail lots of things from here.

  • • Reliance Trendz

This supermarket provided you with endless options, especially in terms of clothing and accessories based upon the new style trends, that too in a reasonable price range. All the types of things like dresses, grocery, foods and other things you can purchase from here at a very reasonable price. Sometimes you can also enjoy the discount here.

Nearest Popular Restaurants –

  • • Nizam's

One of the oldest restaurants in the country catering to Mughlai cuisine in Nizam's. Must try: Kathi Rolls. It is a very famous restaurant you can try if you visit here. You can always find a crowd inside and outside this hotel. Because their food is really tasty.

  • • Aminia

Another popular Mughlai joint nearby is Aminia. Must try: Mutton Chaap. It is famous for selling biryani. You can say in Kolkata it is the most famous Biryani House. Both chicken and mutton biryani are famous here.

  • • New Secretariat Canteen

The oasis of food in Dalhousie, this one place serves mainly to the office goers of Dalhousie and provides simple and tasty meals like fish-rice and dal-rice. For lunch or dinner, you can visit here. All types of Chinese dishes like mixed fried rice, chilli chicken, Manchurian chicken are really great and you will have them at a pocket-friendly price.

  • • Barbecue Nation

A popular restaurant in Park Street, which should be visited if there is a taste for Continental cuisine. Here you can order the dishes at a time with so many items. With a single amount you can have anything you want for yourself. Within a great price range, it is available here.

  • • Flurry's

One of the oldest fancy café in Kolkata is particularly famous for its English breakfast. Here you can enjoy every type of Continental breakfast. Not just breakfast for evening snacks also you can visit here. From tea, coffee to Sandwich and several types of soft drinks are available here. Whenever you visit the High Court you must come to this place.

Let's Sum Up

Kolkata High Court is a place of beautiful architecture and heritage buildings nearby. As you can do the shopping and also you will get restaurants and cafes nearby. You will get the beautiful essence of real Kolkata. Not just in the High Court, the nearby places are also best for hanging out for one day.