Nicco Park Kolkata

Nicco Park Kolkata

Nowadays we lead a very busy scheduled life. We don't get enough time for entertainment. Weekdays become so much hectic with work pressures. If you pass every day in a scheduled plan, soon you will become restless and your life going to be so typical. It's better to have a break and enjoy a day with your family and loved ones.


If you are from Kolkata or just visit Kolkata for a holiday trip then you must visit the famous Nicco park. It is the best place for a picnic or spending quality time to refresh your mind. Different types of rides and playing stations will make you crazy!


You can charge up yourself for the rest of the days. But don't you know enough about Nicco park? Even you can't set up a proper plan to visit here? Don't worry we will help you to provide every single detail about this famous park. Before visiting Nicco park read this article carefully. You will get basic information about it. You can visit here with your little family members on their school holidays. This is the best place for every age and every category of people. So, let's have a look!


History of Nicco Park, Kolkata

Nicco Park is the largest amusement park in the city of Kolkata, located in Sector IV, Salt Lake City, the satellite city of Kolkata. The park stands at 40 acres and it’s one of the most important attractions of the city. The place has a particular appeal to those who are adventure seekers and want to have a rush of adrenaline using the various options for fun and entertainment available in the park.


The history of Nicco Park, Kolkata goes back to the year of 1991 when the West Bengal Government decided to build a modern added attraction in the city of Kolkata, on the occasion of the 300 th anniversary since the inception of the city. This park was planned in accordance to increase the tourism potential and generate added revenues for the city's public fund. The West Bengal Government’s then-ruling Communist Party of India appointed the industrialist Rajiv Kaul and decided to move forward on a joint venture basis. The work started to search for a suitable location to build the park. And then when the idea to set it up in Salt Lake came to mind, since the neighborhood was a hot and happening modern satellite city of Kolkata, with a lot of green spaces and open roads. Also, the connectivity to the newly developed place was improving day by day.


Rajiv went on to say in the media that he wants to create a Disneyland in the state of West Bengal and went ahead to take a tour of the place himself. After his persuasion, the UK based Geoffrey Thompson went ahead with the initial financial support for the inception of the project. The project was carried out on a Public-Private Partnership basis under the joint venture of the Tourism Department of West Bengal Government and the Geoffrey Thompson group. The UK based Blackpool Leisure Consultancy Limited gave all the technical advice and input to go forward with the project.


Features of Nicco Park, Kolkata

Here is some interesting information about Nicco Park, Kolkata.

  • ● There are more than thirty-five rides and attractions in the park.
  • ● The most famous and popular ones are Toy Train, Striking Cars, Water Chute, Tilt-a-Whirl, River Cave, Haunted House, Moonraker and most importantly the Giant Cyclone.
  • ● Giant Cyclones are one of the most famous attractions in the park. It was opened in 2003 and is one of the largest roller coasters in the whole of Asia. The length of this ride stands at 750 metres and has several high and low troughs, some as high as 55 feet.
  • ● The park's mascot is Shero which is an animated tiger and several Sheroo icons can be found everywhere around the park.
  • ● The park has some additional attractions like the Eiffel tower replica and Cable car which give a beautiful panoramic view of not only Nicco Park but of the whole of Salt Lake.
  • ● The additional water park called Wet-O-Wild is one of the most favourite attractions for the visitors. Mostly famous for its water slides, it draws most of its crowd because of its rain dance.
  • ● The park also has a huge food park for people which has several food stalls and has a variety of options for cuisine such as Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Bengali etc.
  • ● The handling and maintenance of Nicco Park are under the sole management body called Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited. which is chaired by Rajiv Kaul, who conceived the idea of Nicco Park along with the State Tourism Development Department.


Visiting hours of Nicco Park, Kolkata

The information about the opening and closing time of Nicco Park, Kolkata are as follows:

  • ● The main park and its ticket booth open at 10:30 AM
  • ● The first ride starts at 10:45 AM
  • ● The ticket booth for rides open at 10:45 AM
  • ● The food stalls open at 11 AM
  • ● The main park entry is shut at 6:30 PM
  • ● The last ride shuts down at 7:30 PM
  • ● The food park shuts at 8:00 PM


Entry Fees for Nicco Park, Kolkata

The details about the entry fees are as follows:

  • ● The fees for entry to the park is 250/- per person.
  • ● If you want to go to the water park Wet-O-Wild, then it will cost you an amount of 750/- per person.
  • ● The combined package of both the main park and the water park is a combined cost of 910/- per person, which includes the entry fees.


How to reach Nicco Park, Kolkata

There are various ways to reach Nicco Park, owing to the wide range of options available in the city of Kolkata.

  • Buses – The area adjoining Nicco Park is well connected by various bus networks, some prominent ones include 215A, 71, 44/A, 239B, 215A/1, AS3, DN46, DN47.
  • Metro – The line 6 of Kolkata Metro Railway which is the route of Airport – New Garia metro line has a dedicated metro station for Nicco Park. The line is currently under construction and is expected to be operational by 2021. The nearest operational metro station serving the area is Sector V station of East-West or Line 2 of Kolkata Metro.

  • Taxis and App-based Cab services - You can easily avail the wide range of cab services in the city of Kolkata like Ola, Uber, Rapido or hop into a yellow taxi running across Kolkata and easily reach Nicco Park.


Nearest Places of Attraction

The location of Nicco Park is adjacent to several tourist and aesthetic attractions nearby:

  • Nanban Boating Club – This place is beautiful and relaxing and has a huge lake which was previously a fish pond but later converted into a recreation park and leisurely lake. This place gives you a romantic ambience, especially in the evenings. The place provides options for paddle boating and shikara rides and has several stalls for food and snacks. A place is a great option for video and photoshoots.

  • Salt Lake Stadium – This place is most notably the largest Football stadium in India and is a famous landmark for the satellite city of Salt Lake. This place has hosted a lot of famous football matches as well as concerts of various famous local and international performers.


    Nearest Hotels & Restaurants of Nicco Park, Kolkata

    After enjoying a day at Nicco Park, it's compulsory to have some delicious foods. When you are out for a trip it's very important to have the knowledge of the best restaurants near that place. A healthy and delicious dish can make your entire outing more exciting. So here are some best restaurants where you can visit after a full-on enjoyment at Nicco Park.

    • Barbeque Nation Salt Lake, Sec 5 - After enjoying an exotic time in Nicco Park, it's time to eat some spicy dishes. The best Barbeque dishes are the main attraction in this restaurant. You can have different types of continental dishes here at very reliable prices.

    • Rang De Basanti Dhaba - If you want to taste some "Deshi" dishes, you have to take a journey of just 1.3 km from Nicco Park. In Rang De Basanti Dhaba you can have a different kind of regional dishes which are also served in a unique style.

    • The Sugar & Spice - If you have finished your meal and just want to have some cake, pastry or cold drinks for a tiffin break. You can go to The Sugar & Spice just 10 minutes walking distance from the Nicco Park, Kolkata.

    • Chowman - You can visit here to have some spicy Chinese dishes. Their hospitality and presentation of the dishes are very interesting.


      Let's Sum up

      So, here is the detailed scenario of a trip to Nicco Park, Kolkata! Let's fix a day and visit Nicco Park with your favourite ones and add a memorable day in your diary of LIFE!