Princep Ghat Kolkata

Princep Ghat Kolkata

Kolkata is a treasure of vintage tourist spots and Prinsep Ghat being one of the oldest among all. The Ghat is nestled in solitude along the banks of the sublime River Hooghly and is blanketed by prolific greenery all around. The Vidyasagar Setu is also in its close vicinity. The enormity of the Ghat is celebrated as a popular location for television/film shootings, family gatherings or functions and so on. 

In the city of joy, Prinsep Ghat is certainly an ideal spot for nature lovers which not only outlooks natural charm but also depicts the historical 1841-Calcutta drawing even the architectural buffs. The Ghat, with its serenity, captivates every solitary soul who seeks their corner of peace amidst the metropolitan busyness. Its beauteous aura makes it a major tourist spot of Kolkata. 


The Prinsep Ghat was built in 1841 to commemorate the extraordinary Anglo-Indian researcher and scholar, James Prinsep. The Ghat is filled with British influence and its adjoining Palladian Porch Memorial which was built in 1843 is rich in the Greek-Gothic aura. The monument erects on Ionian Columns raising a 40-foot white-roof. Initially, the Ghat jetty served as the channel for embarkation and disembarkation of the royal British company. 


Short river cruises commence from Babu Ghat for 20 minutes faring between Rupees 250-400. When you are at this surreal Ghat, a ferry ride on the waters is a must-do. Ferry rides are offered at a meagre Rupees 5 per person. On your sail, you can catch a sight of the charming Vidyasagar Setu that towers above the Ghat. Evening hours by the Ghat is a beauty to behold with the illuminated Setu sparkling in colors and reflecting on the transparency of the water. With nicely installed benches surrounded by gardens and lawns add to the bewitching awe of the site. A fifty-year-old snacks corner is a mandatory visit by all to try a variety of local delicacies. A morning stroll or an evening retreat by the Ghat is a complete rejuvenation for a stressed-out mind. The site is a photographer’s sojourn with breathtaking views of the Howrah Bridge in the backdrop and the Hooghly River downstream. 



The Prinsep Ghat is situated between the Water Gate and the St George’s Gate of the Fort William. It lies along the banks of the River Hooghly.



The Ghat is 6 km away from the heart of the city and local buses, rickshaws and taxis are the easiest mode of transports available for the visitors. If you seek to embark on a ferry ride, such services are available from the Howrah Station that shall advance you towards the Babu Ghat, a 2 km-distance from the Princep Ghat.