Raj Bhavan Kolkata

Raj Bhavan Kolkata

Didn't visit the great Raj Bhavan Kolkata yet? Then you must have missed the interesting facts and the former history of old Kolkata! In this article, we will discuss several sections of Raj Bhavan and the nearby places where you do not need to miss at all when you are or visit Kolkata.

Like if you want to have the "beautiful essence of the city of joy- Kolkata" these places are must-visit with a clay pot full of warm tea and a prajapati biscuit. From many places like the National Library, Fort William, Motherhouse, the Raj Bhavan comes in the top list of historical philosophies. Our article will help you to have a brief idea on Raj Bhavan. So let's have a look!

Raj Bhavan Kolkata, Architecture

The Raj Bhavan has a beautiful architecture that will attract you for sure. From the first 19th century till now, the whole building construction is updated till now with less maintenance. So how does the architecture was established? Let's know!

Captain Charles Wyatt was the prime designer of Raj Bhavan Kolkata. With the baroque overtones, it is inferred for having the neoclassical architecture style. When in 1805, Wellesley left, various alterations have already formulated to the Raj Bhavan Kolkata architecture like the golden crown was amplified in the year of 1860 by the Viceroy Lord Elgin. Then the electricity was brought by Lord Curzon & added light in Raj Bhavan. The actual lift was established in 1892, by the company of Otis Elevator that mainly conducts to the day.

Mainly Raj Bhavan is actually stored with the three vast prominent open spaces comprising the huge halls, spiralled corridors & separated branches on every 4 sides. You will find a total of 60 rooms except for the balconies, halls, grand Throne room, banquet halls in Raj Bhavan. In the 4 corners of this building, four residential places are there on the Raj Bhavan's 2nd floor. The major suite that is mainly comprehended as the suite of Prince Wales is mainly utilized by the exotic dignitaries at the time of their visit is basically on the 1st ground towards the arm of the north-west. The 1st floor moreover comprises the major Throne compartment. It comes with a banquet auditorium & furthermore has Blue coloured sketch compartments & the dining rooms with brown colour.

History of Raj Bhavan Kolkata

Let's take you to travel in the history of Raj Bhavan. There are such interesting and secret facts that you will be amazed to know about Raj Bhavan. So let's start!

In the 19th century, in Buckingham Palace which was the rented house lived the general governor of East India. And that was located in the place where Raj Bhavan is located now. The king of Chitpur, Mohammed Reza Khan owned this land of Raj Bhavan.

In the year of 1799, the Indian Governor-General Marquess Wellesley started building from when he thought that the country's Governor-General must dwell in the mansion revealing the grand authority all over the province.

After four years, in the year of 1803, the building of Government House was conducted. The whole proposal made a massive mark in the companies of East India funds like it put up with almost 63,000 pounds for building the hierarchy, it is approximately 3 million pounds as of today’s calculation. Wellesley was indicted of inappropriate administration of funds & brought back England in the year of 1805 when Kolkata was ending up with one of the excellent colonial palaces.

This construction was then introduced by the Indian history, then the equity was drifted to Delhi. Before then the building was utilized by the state government, West Bengal being their estate.

How Can You Reach Raj Bhavan Kolkata

This is situated in Dalhousie, the commercial hub in Kolkata. This is just next to Eden Gardens, Renowned cricket stadium of Kolkata. This area is full of IT houses & main offices. So it is so easy to visit Raj Bhavan using different kinds of conveyance from anywhere in Kolkata.

Take the train!

You can easily have a train and come to the b.b.d bag station. Just 5 minutes walking distance only you need to reach Raj Bhavan.

Take the bus!

Go to Esplanade by bus and then walk towards Babughat. After five minutes of walking, you can reach directly to the Raj Bhavan.

Get a Ferry!

Just have a ferry and reach the Babu Ghat station. From there simply you just go straight for about five minutes and the Raj Bhavan is there!

Get a Cab!

If you are in Kolkata then book a Cab towards Government House. You can also rent a taxi online. For a comfortable journey try to book a cab from any top cab rental company in Kolkata & explore the whole Kolkata in a day.

Ride a Metro!

It is the easiest and fastest route to reach there and the nearest places too. Just have a metro from your nearest metro station and reach the esplanade metro station. Then walk for 2-3 minutes.

Best Place for Shopping near Raj Bhavan Kolkata

As you have visited here so we are going to suggest to you some excellent places where you can purchase great things for your friends and family.

New Market

In Kolkata, it is one of the very old markets and largest also. Every type of essential things you can have from here.

Chandni Chowk Market

Here you can find several types of electronics and gadgets in a very pocket-friendly price range.

Best Street Foods and Hotels near Raj Bhavan Kolkata

Here comes the most awaited part. As you know Kolkata is famous for its delicious food. So near Raj Bhavan, you can have a huge variety of street foods. From there you can enjoy puchka, papri Chaat, ice cream and the "Kolkata famous rasgulla" too. Not just the street foods here comes the great restaurants you must visit.


For the best Chinese it is very famous. It is one of the very old family restaurants and a bar in Kolkata. Any type of Chinese cuisine you can enjoy here.

Sabir's Hotel

The best Indian restaurant is near Raj Bhavan. You can taste the mutton biryani, lamb rezala and the most famous firni here.

Dacres Lane

It is just ten to fifteen minutes far from Raj Bhavan. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or any type of dishes you can try here. It is the most popular and renowned restaurant for Indian and Chinese cuisine at a pocket-friendly price.

Things To Do at Raj Bhavan Kolkata

You can call it "the heart of the town" because it is situated exactly to the centre. So it has become one of the best tourist spots of Kolkata, undoubtedly. To attend the beautiful interiors of this fascinating architecture you just require proper approval from the department of West Bengal government. Whenever you will reach here, you will definitely appreciate & enjoy all the things about the huge attraction. If you can't by chance enter Raj Bhavan and enjoy the inside architecture, one more secret area you can reveal. Just stand on the north gate to enjoy a lovely view of trees, garden & the structure splendour itself.

Explore the Nearby Places Raj Bhavan Kolkata

We will introduce a lot of places nearby that you can enjoy. While visiting Raj Bhavan, you can come here and spend your time. Some are-


Well, it is a great open green space and the largest green land in Kolkata very close to Raj Bhavan. Just walking distance only. You can enjoy the freshness of the greenery here.

Saheed Minar

It is also a historical place you can visit in the crossing of Esplanade.

Fort William

Like the Raj Bhavan Kolkata history, Fort William also has an untold history that you can reveal there. You can have an experience of the nineteenth century Kolkata.

General Post Office

It is also a very old historical aspect you can visit here as the eldest post office of Kolkata.

Writer's Building

Like the Raj Bhavan, it is also a colonial building that was built by the starting of the 19th century. Whenever you visit Raj Bhavan, do not miss this place too.

St. John's Church

It is a space where you can have peace of mind. Just spend some time here and relax and feel the soothing environment of the church.

Millennium Park

It is the ideal place for kids and elders too. You can enjoy several types of rides and the garden view here and also spend some time with your loved ones.

Eden Gardens

It is the most famous cricket stadium in the world. Do not miss this place at all. So many famous renowned cricketers have played here. There is a huge lawn you can visit at the time of any tournament.

Let's Sum Up

All-around, the major attraction of the Raj Bhavan is the huge & beautiful building construction. The best thing that actually makes it captivating for a general traveller is the record behind that architecture.