Tipu Sultan Masjid Kolkata

Tipu Sultan Masjid Kolkata

Kolkata, the ‘City of Joy’ has no lack of the remainders from the period of British rule that was all about the magnificence style architecture. Kolkata is famous for its literature, music, food, people and culture. If you are going on a trip to Kolkata then you must know about the interesting places in Kolkata. The history and heritage of Kolkata are quite mesmerising. If you visit Kolkata for a small trip, you won't forget the grace of this city. The crowd, street food and roadside beauties everything! Here in this article, I am going to discuss a historical place in Kolkata, Tipu Sultan Mosque. If you want to be a significant witness of the elegance of this architectural grandeur, you must have to visit here. The Tipu Sultan Masjid Kolkata history is so much interesting. Once you will visit here you will start to witness a different kind of historical attire. This is the best and essential part of tourism in the city. Read this article carefully to know every detail and guideline of Tipu Sultan Mosque. So, let's go for a virtual trip to the famous Tipu Sultan Mosque.

The History of Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata

One of the rare relics of Islamic heritage and culture in the bustling megacity of Kolkata is Tipu Sultan Mosque. It is most definitely one of the most important buildings in Kolkata dedicated to Islamic architecture and is one of the most important heritage buildings in the city.

The Tipu Sultan Mosque, Dharmatala, Kolkata and its history has an interesting backdrop that has contributed to it being one of the most iconic architectures of the city. It is recorded that it was built by Ghulam Muhammad, in his father’s memory. Tipu Sultan was the ruler of Province of Mysore, also called the Mysore Sultanate in the 17th century and is one of the most important figures in medieval Indian history. Commissioned to be designed by following the contemporary Mughal style and the regular Islamic style of architecture, it was conceived in 1842. Ghulam Muhammad was the youngest of the 11 sons of Tipu. But the mystery behind why he chose to build a mosque so far from Mysore, in Kolkata, still remains unsolved. It is said that Ghulam Muhammad built a similar type of mosque in the Tollygunge area of Kolkata in 1835. The Waqf board of Ghulam Muhammad was formed to look after both the mosques and still now.

Located in the prime location of Esplanade, colloquially known as Dharmatalla, the mosque is open not only for Muslim devotees but for spiritual guidance seekers of all faiths. Being located at such a prime location, it remains as one of the most important places of attractions in the city.

In late 1980, part of the mosque was damaged because of construction of the Kolkata Metro Railway. The incident didn’t sit well with the Muslim community who concluded it as being one of the discriminatory policies of the ruling government. To avoid a possible backlash, a board was set up to look to carry out reconstruction and redevelopment of the damaged sections of the Mosque. The redevelopment project was granted by Metro Railway authority.

The Architecture of Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata

The architecture of the building as iconic as Tipu Sultan Masjid had to be carefully thought out. Because it was so special to Ghulam Muhammad, he kept in mind to use some special characteristics from the general Islamic style and the signature Mughal style of architecture.

Because of this interesting amalgamation, it draws visitors from all around the world. As mentioned earlier, the Tipu Sultan Mosque is located in one of the most prime locations of the city easily attracts a lot of footfalls. There are so many famous architectures in the town of Kolkata but one of the best architecture you can have in this mosque. Whenever you come to Kolkata, do not miss the mosque at all.

How to Reach Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata

There are various ways to reach the mosque where it is located.

Buses- Esplanade being the central part of the city has the biggest bus terminal for public and private buses running around the city of Kolkata. Every bus serving the part of Esplanade can help you reach Tipu Sultan Mosque. There are regular buses to and from Esplanade to the Northern and Southern parts of the city.

Metro- Tipu Sultan Mosque can be accessed by getting down at two of the busiest metro stations on the Noapara-Kavi Subhash route of Kolkata Metro Line 1, Esplanade and Chandni Chowk. The Mosque is centrally located and accessible from both the metro stations, with Esplanade metro station providing a dedicated exit gate towards the Mosque.

Taxis and App-based Cab services- The easiest and efficient way to reach the landmark are to book an app from the app-based Cab services like Ola, Uber, Rapido or to hop into a Yellow Taxi running everywhere in the city of Kolkata, these cabs generally charge higher than other modes of transport and provide direct access to Tipu Sultan Mosque.

Railway Station- The nearest major railway junction is the Howrah Railway Station. It is the hub for entry to the city of Kolkata, through local trains operated by South Eastern Railways of Indian Railways.

Ferry- Taking the river route, you have to get down at Babughat which is the nearest ferry stop to Esplanade. Once getting down at Babughat, you can get into a taxi or a public bus bound for Esplanade.

Nearest Places of Attraction

The location of the Tipu Sultan Mosque makes it accessible to many other iconic places on the tourist map of Kolkata. There are endless options for sight-seeing, street foods, restaurants, shopping, clubs and cafes in the nearby vicinity.

New Market- Perhaps the most important landmark of Esplanade is the New Market. It is said that you can’t find anything over here, the thing possibly doesn’t exist in reality. The new market provides endless options for a variety of stuff including clothes, electronic items, jewellery and accessories all under one roof, that too in your budget. This place is a hub of cheap street shopping and one should experience it once in life.

Shahid Minar- An iconic monument that stands doting the skyline of Calcutta is Shahid Minar, built under the honour of freedom fighters who sacrificed their life, lives in the independence of the nation from the British rule. The structure is a tall tower previously accessible to visitors to have a look at the vast stretch of this beautiful city.

Metropolitan Building- Another iconic architecture dots the landscape of Esplanade is the Metropolitan Building. It’s a unique and aesthetically pleasing architecture is an awe-trucking and simply beautiful sight to look at.

Let's Sum Up

You will find various historical attractions in Kolkata. But among them, try to visit Tipu Sultan Mosque one time. Mostly visit this place with your little family members or those who are school going guys. If you have read the history behind this heritage, then you will surely enjoy everything about this place. For a weekend trip, it is the best place to visit in Kolkata.