Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Kolkata


Kolkata or Calcutta, a city filled with joy, welcomes you with its architectural wonders beginning from the antiquity of Howrah Bridge to the monument depicting elegance, beauty and grace of Queen Victoria (1819-1901), called the Victoria Memorial.

The memorial house is an exquisite white marble heritage, situated in the core of Kolkata. It is considered as " the finest building in Bengal" and thus, is a pre-eminent attraction of Kolkata tourism to experience the aura of the Victorian era.

This magnificent memorial was built to commemorate the presence of British Crown within the territory of India. However, with the passage of time, India embraced this piece of colonial architecture as its own. Today, Victoria Memorial, made in the unique Indo-Saracenic revivalist style, has become an inseparable part of Kolkata’s identity.

Where is it Located?

On your trip to Kolkata, do yourself a favour by paying a visit to this aristocratic establishment located in the Southern lap of the city. Your excursion is imperfect not having spent a day, amidst the hustle-bustle of the city, at the memorial of Queen Victoria.

Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Queen’s Way, Kolkata, West Bengal-01.

History of Victoria Memorial Kolkata

The imperial Victoria Memorial was built to incise the victory of British Empire in India and as a tribute to Queen Victoria, who ruled Great Britain for 63 years and more (1837-1901).

The construction of the marvellous structure was propositioned by Lord Curzon, the first Viceroy of India. The grand construction began from January 4, 1906 by Prince of Wales, George V. It took 15 long years of labour for the erection of the enormous heritage. The building consists of a museum, encircled by a variety of flowering gardens all around.

Public was allowed entry to the memorabilia 1921 onwards. The massive building was under the governance of Kolkata which was then changed into a provincial city as Delhi took over as the capital of India by the end of 1921. The epic construction (worth 10 million) was funded by the British Government, royals as well as individuals. It is now maintained by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

Architecture of Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial has been sketched in white Makrana marble, just like the iconic Taj Mahal. Many admirers have named it as " Another Charming Taj". Its design is succeeded to the Indo-Saracenic revivalist architectural style. The masterpiece is a blend of Deccani, British, Mughal, Egyptian, Venetian and Islamic designs as supervised by William Emerson, the president of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The architectural glory does not end there. The garden gates and the bridge of the north are also the notable features of the place. A 4.9 metres tall figure of & “ Angel of Victory” has been positioned on the central dome.

Attractions of Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial has caught the eyes of thousands of visitors over the years. The main attractions of this place are:

1. It has the city's first gallery of India, that is, The Calcutta Gallery. 25 intricate galleries including the Royal Gallery, the Calcutta Gallery and the Sculpture Gallery are the absolute subjects of the Victorian history stroked in colours and oil. If you happen to take keen interest in the fields of History and Art, Calcutta Gallery is an ideal spot to enter into the bliss of the erstwhile Calcutta. The latest addition to the display of historical events is the National Leader's Gallery that exhibits portraits related to the independence of India.

2. The museum with its treasure of stamps, books by Omar Khayyam and Shakespeare, paintings, sketches, textiles, arms, statues and miniatures are a window to the bygone days of ancient India. The house also preserves the writing table and chair along with some scrapbooks of Queen Victoria.

3. At the entrance of the memorial, a bronze statue of Queen Victoria is seated on a throne - embellished in robes of the ‘Star of India’. It is an attractive sight to stop for. Other remarkable statues are of Lord Curzon, Dalhousie and the “Angel of Victory”.

The significance of the “Angel of Victory” is its "pedestal with ball bearings", along with a "bugle in her hand" that "rotates as wind blows strongly". Several other sculptures representing Justice, Architecture, Learning and Prudence in and around the dome of the “Angel of Victory” add to the British essence of the memorial.

4. The 64-acre gardens atmosphere the memorial in its own way. It's a favourable place for families and friends’ union. Kolkata and Victoria Memorial play a fine role in romance too for those in higher love. As darkness falls, the memorial gets illuminated in lights of spirit and joy. The fountains also come to life sprinkling serenity to the place.


A regular "Light and Sound (Son-et-Lumiere)" the show is put up by the memorial association from October to June.

Tickets and Timings

1. For Event:

Rate of tickets-

Rs 10 (for Indians)

Rs 20 (for foreigners)


October to February

6:15 P.M. to 7 P.M. (Bengali)

7:15 P.M. to 8 P.M. (English)

March to June

6:45 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. (Bengali)

7:45 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. (English)

2. For entry to the gardens:

Rate of tickets-

Rs 4/person (daily)

Rs 100/person (monthly)

Rs 1000/person (yearly)

Timings- 5:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

3. For entry to the museum:

Rate of tickets-

Rs 10 (for Indians)

Rs 150 (for foreigners)

Free for school children up to class of age in uniform.

Free for Army personnel in uniform.

Timings- 10: hours to 17: hours

4. For entry to the Memorial Hall:

Rate of tickets-

Rs 10 (for Indians)

Rs 20 (for foreigners)

Free for children upto 3 years of age.

Timings- 10 A.M to 5 P.M.

5. For entry to the memorial gallery:

Rate of tickets-

Rs 20 (for Indians)

Rs 200 (for foreigners)

Free for school children up to class 12 in uniform.

Free for Army personnel in uniform.

Timings- 10 A.M to 5 P.M.

Time to Visit

The Memorial is open on all days except on Mondays and national holidays including Holi.